Extensions: Great Lengths & Tröndle Hairdressers

Whether it’s hair thickening or extensions – we’ll help you on your way to your dream look with Great Lengths Extensions!

Kerstin’s path to her dream mane:

Balayage and gloss:
Our journey starts with a balayage and gloss to add freshness and dimension to Kerstin’s hair. We use the Wella Professionals color range for a radiantly natural result.
Choosing the right Great Lengths extensions:
Each strand is carefully selected to perfectly match Kerstin’s hair and desired look.
With Great Lengths, we offer the highest quality extensions, both bondings and tapes, in a variety of colors, textures and lengths to ensure the extensions blend seamlessly with the natural hair. @greatlengths
Precise placement of the bonds:
We place the three different shades of the selected bondings with the utmost precision and then cut them into shape to ensure perfect integration with Kerstin’s hair for a flawless, natural look. #greatlengths


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