Excited for the Fashion Week

Does Frankfurt do fashion? Celebrity hairdresser Tobias Tröndle, who has already styled world-famous models such as Toni Garn, Julia Stegner and Karolina Kurková for the catwalk at Berlin Fashion Week, and who previously breathed fashion air in New York and Paris for several years, answers this question, a current hot topic, with a resounding yes: “Frankfurt has what it takes. When I heard that Fashion Week was coming to us, me and my team, were immediately on fire. I am happy for the Main metropolis, it could become sexier as a result. Even more: “It’s great that some very well-known exhibitors have already announced their participation and that all the influencers will be exploring the city during the fair – this hype alone will have an impact. Overall, not only hairdressers, but also hotels and restaurants will benefit from the fashion fair”. (…)

What the Corona crisis is doing to hairdressing fashion can already be seen: “One trend is probably towards letting your hair grow out instead of fringes to show more face. With a mask, fringes and maybe some glasses, you can hardly see your face anymore. (…)

Are there any summer trends? “Different bob lengths, in the direction of Parisian chic. No more plain colours, everything becomes more natural, many honey and caramel shades. For men, a counter-movement to the barber-cut will begin, namely longer hair with a stepped cut. (…)

source: Frankfurter Neue Presse, 30 July 2020 – https://www.fnp.de/

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